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Eclipse was born from a design fiction project where we imagined a dystopian future threatened by famine and overpopulation. To remedy this, the state sets up different capsules allowing people wishing to sacrifice themselves to reduce overpopulation and help their loved ones who would receive a sum of money according to the health and age of the person. These different capsules would be placed in various places in the city.

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A unique design



A valued sacrifice

At the time of our restitution we wished to put forward the various achievements by setting up an immersive site to the topic of the Eclipse. Through the navigation, on the main page, different explanations of our conception. A booklet is also available to present the different explanatory diagrams of our idea. Detailed darkprints are also present to explain each element, which is in the cabins and their utility. Finally, we have also put forward the interface that the martyr would face if he had to enter the cabin to sacrifice himself.

We have also presented the different 3D models in a classic way through a slider but we wanted to put them in front of us so that they could be visualized as well as possible. The product page presents in an immersive way all the elements of the cabin, be it the exterior, the interior or even our storage logic with the crematorium. Finally, in order not to forget the martyrs and to value them, we imagined a tower of martyrs where all the urns containing the ashes would be deposited, becoming a place of remembrance.

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