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Ddalos is an immersive website aiming to showcase several models of boats made on Blender. This site was produced using Three JS. It is possible to lock the mouse and then use the keys to discover the different 3D models.

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The birth of D'Dalos



The mixture of several know-hows

This project was done as part of a school project where we had to choose 2 brands, merge them into one and find a new area of expertise related to both. We chose to take Bentley & Dior as references. Bentley for the power of their engine as well as their knowledge in engineering and Dior to represent the elegant and luxurious side.

The fusion of these 2 brands gave birth to D'Dalos, a luxury yacht builder. During this project we created our own graphic identity (logo, graphic charter) as well as a fictitious story to explain the appearance of D'Dalos. The final goal was to present our yachts' realizations through a showroom, whatever it is.

Fullwith image
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An immersive showroom



A new way to present your products

Following the different stages of conception of our brand and analysis. It was time to move on to the realization and to think how to present our boats through a showroom. It is thus here that we came up with the idea of presenting it through an interactive website where the user will be able to visit, as he wishes, the different models.

For the realization of the site we divided the task to two, Chris took care of all the modeling aspect of the various boats (some not being completely made from scratch). And I was in charge of creating the immersive site to present his models. Due to lack of time, collisions and shadows have not been added but still remains a track of improvement.

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